Military officers, religious leaders and the Gods themselves covet Azel’s blade to further their ploy. The more she fights for justice, the more she entangles herself in a cobweb of deceit. How far will she go to control her own destiny?

Azel is a visual novel telling a deep fantasy story, illustrated by anime art. Read one new chapter every other week for free, available exclusively for the members of the newsletter.

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For centuries, the Valkyries, a congregation of female soldiers, have sold their blade to whomever pays. They have escorted wealthy merchants on the road, led the charge on countless wars, provided moral support in military parades. But since soldiers are not nobles, their relationship with the rich is mediated by The Coin, a wealthy organization of merchants.

While they are escorting a group of traders through the mountains, a unit of Valkyries, led by Azel, is attacked by a force too big for the bodyguards to handle, a force that aren’t mere brigands. To Azel, the attack has all the signs of a coordinated effort between powerful entities. But it is too late. 

The diplomatic incident will trigger an avalanche of events that goes far beyond Azel, beyond the Valkyries and even mankind. 


She can remember little from her life before the Valkyrie, nor does she care. That childhood of poverty and dirt can disappear in the darkest recesses of her memory as far as she is concerned. Today, she has become one of the strongest of her congregation, and one of the proudest. Some say she is too impetuous, but that fire is what drives her, what allows her to stand up for what she believes in.

No one will stand between her and her sisters.

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