Cerulean Odyssey a JRPG with point & click puzzles.

Two soldiers of the Foreign Legion are sent by the Empire to the colonized World of Cerulea to escort a prisoner. As they travel across the conquered land, they are confronted with the ravages of imperialism.


The Game

Cerulean Odyssey is a JRPG with point & click puzzles where the spells you cast in battle can be used to cure a NPC or light a brazier etc.

Key features:

  • Immersive and thought-provoking story.
  • Beautiful hand-painted art.
  • Fun puzzles to unlock areas and to progress through the story.
  • Engaging time-based battle system.
  • Clever MP management strategy.


Her particular talent for magic often earns her status, despite being part of the Foreign Legion. She leads the mission escorting Ando to the Empire. But isn’t she being played?


Destiny has a way of playing with mortal lives. Thus Ando, the Fisherman, is pushed on a journey across Cerulea. He chases a Sacred Fish who seems to want to show him something. What is its secret?


A masked warrior of unmatched resilience, Vyr always ends up under Om’Yael’s command. His loyalty to her never waned, but is it doubt he sees in his old partner’s eyes?


Progression in Cerulean Odyssey is made through puzzles inspired by point and click games. The Use Menu allows you to choose either an item or a spell (the same spells you cast in battle) to use on a specific center of interest. It can be a NPC, a environment element, a chest…

Examples of interactions:

  • Heal a villager to obtain a favor.
  • Use a magic pearl on a magical device to recharge it.
  • Use a key on a locked treasure chest to open it.
  • Cast a fire spell on a torch to light up the room.

Battle System

The party in Cerulean Odyssey shares one MP pool that is reset after every battle. Deciding what to spend your MP on is key in devising a strategy that leads to victory. Do you want to spend those points on a healing spell or can you spend them on a damage spell to end the battle quicker?

The combo system brings depth and interactivity to the battle. If you press a button at the exact time an attack connects, you will deal more damage (or receive less damage if you are defending). Spells can also be boosted by mashing to charge them up.

If you play it right, you can finish a battle much faster.

Astral Wave is a special move that combines the strength of the full party to deliver a devastating attack and unlock party boons. It is only available with a party of three characters.


Technical information

  • Turn-based story driven RPG (JRPG)
  • Built in Unity
  • Target platforms: consoles & PC (designed with controller in mind)
  • The 45 minute long demo is the current state of development of the game.
  • Inspired by Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and old-school Final Fantasy games.
  • My first game is Guild of Darksteel Link

I’m looking for a partner to release Cerulean Odyssey to the widest possible audience of JRPG fans. I would need:

  • Marketing support
  • Financing (so I can work full-time on the game)
  • Production assistance (playtesting, localization, porting)
  • Love and affection

Outside of its qualities, the game lends itself well to sequels (JRPG fans welcome sequels and the game engine makes it easy), merch and spinoffs (ensemble cast of recognizable characters and rich universe).

Please take some time to download the production demo. For any inquiry, please contact me at info@igorsandman.net

I’m looking forward to talking with you!

Igor Sandman (developer)

120Mb zip file on Dropbox.

The production demo contains the first 45 minutes of the game including story, interaction puzzles and battle. Three save states are available to explore the three main zones without having to go through the story. The current state of development is what is available in the demo. At the moment, my work is focused on debugging, playtesting the battle system as well as adding the few features that are still missing (shop, mission log, tutorial menu, settings).

About me

I’m a multi-task artist born in Belgium and currently living in Italy. I was a filmmaker before switching to video games. Since the change of career path, I have worked as an animator on Faeria, then developed a personal game called Guild of Darksteel.

I am now occupied full-time as a solo developer on Cerulean Odyssey.