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Warning: This page is about spirituality. If you came here from my games or my art, this has nothing to do with it. Proceed at your own discretion.


Hi! I’m Bruno. 

I’ve been practicing meditation for a few years. If you need help with your own practice, I’m available (it‘s free!). My service can range from answering isolated questions to one on one coaching depending on what you need. The subjects I can help you with include concentration meditation, jhana exploration, insight meditation (Mahasi, Shinzen), reaching stream entry, navigating the insight stages, support during a home retreat…


I’m strongly against the commodification of the dharma teaching. Therefore I couldn’t bring myself to take money for this. I decided to teach to give back. It is free. I deeply believe that what I see (or rather what I don’t see: the self) should be seen by everyone and that selling it would be cynical.

I don’t consider myself a teacher, but rather a friend on the journey. If you need a formal teacher/student relationship, this might not be for you.


I have been practicing concentration meditation three to four hours a day for years and I do occasional home retreats for insight practice. I have also worked as a teacher in other fields (mostly art education), which, I believe, makes me suited for dharma coaching.

I base my coaching on Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path divided in three practices: morality, concentration and insight. I don’t consider myself a Buddhist, nor am I particularly religious. However, I do follow the Buddhist methods of practice and I also happen to be an idealist (which I was prior to discovering Buddhism). This tradition is commonly referred to as Pragmatic Buddhism.

In the context of our future conversations, the definition of enlightenment will be the following: Enlightenment is the ability to see that reality is only made of sensations that aren’t experienced by a self. If we are to talk about enlightenment, we must agree on a definition, even if it only applies to our conversations. That way you know what I talk about and I know you won’t expect anything I can’t deliver. I’m not asking you to drop your values, your beliefs or to distrust what you’ve read about enlightenment before. I’m asking you to leave anything that doesn’t fit my definition aside for as long as we work together. That way, we both know you won’t get distracted. This is the only prerequisite for my services.

If you need to know where I am on the path myself (which I understand), I can only give you my best guess. I believe I am a once-returner, but in the eventuality that I’m wrong, then, I am a stream entrer. Of course, there is always the possibility that I’m neither, but this is my best guess at the moment and it will have to do. If you have any doubt about my aptitude, please refrain from contacting me.

Practical Information

The support I can give depends entirely on you. If you need to ask a couple of questions, I would be happy to give them a shot. Should you want a more sustained coaching, I am available to you and I will do my best to bring you further on the path and hopefully to stream entry.

Please note that I will give priority to bigger commitments (coaching) and my availability might vary depending on how many people I’m following at any given time. Should my schedule become too congested, I might focus on the people who want guidance towards stream entry.

Our conversations will happen over email and Zoom calls (with or without video, at your discretion). I speak French, English and Italian. My time zone is Central European Time.

My services are free, no strings attached. If you really want to give back to me, you can donate here: Paypal.me

My contact email is bruno.dharma AT protonmail.com

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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